31 Ways to Advance Your Career

31 Ways to Advance Your Career by Pat E. Perkins, CPCC

It can be a bit scary these days working in a career whether you’re in corporate or you’re a corporate refugee who’s started a business.  I’ve been on both sides and have faced some of the same scenarios of frightful situations you may be facing when you don’t know what to do next to progress to the next level.

Even after leaving my 20-year career and launching a successful and sustainable business over seven years ago, there are basic strategies that I rely on to maintain my foundation and stride.

In service of you and to take some of the dread out of how to continue to advance your career, I’ve put together a quick list of strategies you can incorporate just not all at once.  You see there’s not just one secret or one way to advance, but I personally know at least 31 ways that could benefit you exponentially if you choose to take them on within your organization, your business or your life.

Here are 31 career advancement strategies I highly recommend you add to your leader’s toolkit:

  1. Do more than what is asked or expected of you.
  2. Start an internal book club with your staff or your peers…leaders are learners.
  3. Set up frequent 1:1 status sessions with your manager and your manager’s manager and above…manage up.
  4. Join an industry organization and volunteer for a leadership position.
  5. Invest in a professional resume  and/or career portfolio…always be ready to shine.
  6. Develop an internal bio and send it to highly influential leaders for their review and feedback.
  7. Volunteer to lead or support a highly visible philanthropic event and make it a success.
  8. Obtain a mentor in each development area (one is no longer enough) and mentor another based on your expertise.
  9. Develop a professional board of directors made of individuals outside of your organization.
  10. Set up a frequent 1:1 status session with your manager and your manager’s manager
  11. Introduce people in your network on a weekly basis…tighten your net.
  12. Build cross-functional connections by setting up a breakfast or lunch with your manager’s peers.
  13. Set goals and stick to them…make them visible and review daily.
  14. Take on or launch a new initiative, project or program – high profile, high risk, high reward.
  15. Develop a Signature Talk based on your subject matter expertise…be known for something and share your message.
  16. Love what you do…or learn to love some aspect it. It’s too challenging to hate your career and still be successful at it.
  17. Write monthly success stories on your team and promote them professionally.
  18. Write industry articles. Start with your company or industry related newsletter.
  19. Show up at least 5 minutes early for every meeting, conference call or event…set a new standard.
  20. Join Toastmasters or enroll in a communication course…speak exceptionally well.
  21. Fulfill on the items in your Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Performance Plan.
  22. Learn to listen and ask powerful questions instead of having all the answers.
  23. Delegate powerfully to your team and allow new leadership to arise.
  24. Take care of your project stakeholders…know them and acknowledge them.
  25. Know the Mission, Vision and Values of the company by memory.
  26. Pray for your co-workers and clients…yes, even those you don’t like.
  27. Know your numbers…budget, sales, revenue, expenses, etc. 
  28. Invite your manager or client and her spouse to your home or out for dinner.
  29. Become a member of your alumni organization strictly to give back and build relationships.
  30. Set non-negotiable time to recharge.
  31. Make it a point to have fun every day…people love to be around high energy.  It’s infectious!

I could go on…

The bottom line: Take on daily practices to grow and evolve as a leader.  It’s your career, choose to advance it!

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.” ~Peter Drucker

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