Pat E. PerkinsCreate Your Best Year ever free callHELD, November 27th, 2012

with Career Advancement Mentor Pat E. Perkins, CPCC


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Wednesday, 9:00a

From: Career Advancement Mentor, Pat E. Perkins

To: Emerging Leaders and Emerging Entrepreneurs

Wow, 2012 is almost over! Did you accomplish all that you planned? Did you have a plan? Well there’s always next year…right? If that’s what you’ve been telling yourself over and over, year after year, it’s time for a NEW approach.

And, I’m here to help!

Here to Help For the FIRST TIME EVER, I hosted a FREE call specifically for those who want to make 2013 their BEST YEAR ever. So, whether you’re considering starting a business, just started your business or have been a solo-preneur, entrepreneur or small business owner for some time, planning is critical to your business and life success.

You may know me as the Career Advancement Mentor who completed a successful 20-year corporate career to start my own business a few years back. Or, we may be acquainted through one of my Signature Talks such as The Leader’s Toolkit: 7 Essential Strategies to ADVANCE Your Business, Your Career and Your Life or Your Personal PEP-Talk: 3 Simple Steps to Live on Purpose, Empowered and Prosperous.

Unless you’ve read my professional bio, you may not know that my background is in Project and Program Management. During my corporate career, I lead $1m – $100 million dollar programs for Fortune 500 companies across the country and abroad to on schedule and on budget completion. These transferable skills have led to sustainable success in my own business.

And, I want to share some of my tips and strategies with you.

The New Year is a great time to boldly take steps toward creating your best future. The best time to plan the next year is at the end of the current year. The first quarter of 2013 and beyond can be extraordinary if you design it to be that way. Or, it can be business as usual with the same or less than desired results.

After years of creating my best years (and not so great years), I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. I’ve also learned what to concentrate on and what not to give any attention to at all. You’ve probably learned over the years, it’s often “what you don’t know, that you don’t know” that is the challenge. And, once you discover your personal blind spots to your recipe for success, you can quantum leap your future.

Although, my first few years were interesting to say the least, I remember one skill that helped me do the Number #1 thing you need to have to be successful. I will share this with you on the call.

I want to save you time and reduce your struggle, even if you just gain a few SIMPLE strategies and mindset shifts! You get that?

That’s why I offered this FREE CALL entitled “How to Create Your BEST YEAR Ever”. This call is for aspiring, new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to blow the roof off of 2013 and finally create a lifestyle and business by design.

This call was made available to all my entrepreneurial and career-minded E-zine subscribers and their friends. We discussed business, career and life strategies. So, invite others to obtain the recording as well and create a community that can hold you accountable for what you truly desire in your life. On this FREE LIVE call held Tuesday, November 27th at 8p ET, I shared:

  • The #1 thing that’s holding you back from success.
  • How to determine what YOU need to focus on, what you don’t need to focus on and how to keep this straight.
  • The #1 thing you need to be successful. It’s not the same as what holds most entrepreneurs back.
  • How much time you really should be investing in your business so you can progress faster, smarter and with a lot less effort.
  • How to put procrastination to bed once and for all and live on purpose.
  • 3 Keys to map out your year and really design your success, your way.
  • A tool that will keep what you want alive and present for you every day.
  • A preview of my brand new program for those who want to accelerate your results and really lock in these strategies.

I personally promised that the call would leave you with an experience of being more on purpose, empowered and prosperous in areas of your business and your life. And, based on the feedback, it did!

Woman ExcitedA tremendous amount of our overwhelm and stress comes from not knowing what to do (no purpose, no plan), knowing what to do and not doing it (a.k.a. procrastination) or knowing what to do and not knowing WHAT to do first (no schedule). So my desire is to help reduce or eliminate as much of your anxiety as possible.

And, I’ll let you in on a little secret, we all experience it. It’s HOW quickly you manage through it that matters. I’d never offered this type of call before, so if you missed it, you want to get the audio recording.

And, if what I shared resonates with you, I highly recommend you review my BRAND NEW program: Create Your Best Year! I’ve designed this program especially for those who [figuratively] want to “kick butt and take names” in 2013!

So, obtain the recording now, and if this is right for you I look forward to us working together.Keep Advancing!…pep



p.s. Even if you’ve been in business for years and you believe 2012 was your BEST YEAR ever, I still highly recommend you obtain the recording of the call. Imagine how you can take your business and your life to the next level. When I mentor clients, this is what they see – new possibilities and new levels of advancement that were not even on their radar. What would that be like for you? Obtain the recording to find out!


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