Happy Boss’s Day!

October 16th is National Boss’s Day! Did you remember?

National Boss's DayOctober 16th is a major day for celebration. Because of National Boss’s Day, we honor bosses around the world. This holiday was originally registered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski while working for her dad as a secretary at State Farm Insurance. She chose October 8 for his birthday. Four years later it was proclaimed and re-registered on the 16th, which was her father’s actual birthday. Well, that’s enough history for now. So, did you remember to get something for your boss?

If not, it’s never too late to show ’em you care and appreciate their value. Gift giving may not be the easiest thing, that’s why so many of us put it off to the last minute. However, the days of the gag gift are over. If your boss sits in the same location as you, you definitely want to present a gift that can be positively remembered and functional if at all possible.

We’re usually not lacking ideas, just a little forethought. Here are some quick ideas for you, even if you have to sneak it on your boss’ desk tonight or before they come into the office.

#1: A coffee mug or pvc-free water bottle filled with her favorite candy or mints.

#2: Visit the nearest luggage store and obtain a tablet or smart-phone holder.

#3: Buy a gift card from his favorite lunch spot.

#4: Don’t forget to add a hand-written note and you’re golden.

If your boss works virtually or you’re the one off-site, send a virtual gift. Here are two last minute gift options for you to literally hit send on in less than 5 minutes.

Option 1: Send an on-line gift certificate. There are a few services on-line that will produce and email a gift certificate via cyberspace for you instantly.

Option 2: Send a same-day gift. This may cost you a little upfront; but, may be well worth the future reward. Call your local florist or major department store’s service or personal shopper. Either resource will have options for you to consider.

But, what if you’re the boss? I hear you loud and clear. You can still have a Boss’s Day do-over! Bring in treats for your staff to show your appreciate for them and how they support you in being the best you can be. And, there’s no issue with picking up a little something for yourself if you like. You deserve it!

The bottom-line: Remember to show acknowledgement; but, don’t overdo it. It’s not the price of the gift; it’s truly the thought that counts.

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A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present.” ~Thomas Fuller

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