How to Create SMART Goals

How to create S.M.A.R.T. goals by Pat E. Perkins

Goal setting is often referred to as the “secret” to success for most successful people in the world. Well, it can be very challenging to define the goals that inspire you to hold yourself accountable to what we truly want in life.  This is why each year I sit down and write out the goals I want to achieve in the New Year and then develop a plan of action to fulfill on them.  This takes something, but it’s completely worth it.

To look back during my quarterly goals review and actually see complete what I couldn’t see as even possible just a few months earlier is motivating.  There are many methods to use for creating goals and I use the SMART goal method to develop both personal and professional goals and so do many other successful people:

#1: Specific – Objective clearly states what is accomplished in terms of end result.

#2: Measurable – Objective clearly states the level of accomplishment of the end result.

#3: Attainable – Objectives are ambitious, but achievable. Objectives should ask for improvement over past performance and are based on facts, analyses and knowledge.

#4: Relevant & Remarkable – Make sure each goal is consistent with other goals you have established and fits with your short-term and long-range plans. They should be realistic, yet challenging.  In other words, develop a stretch goal.

#5: Time-bound – Results will be accomplished within a certain period of time.  Short-term and long-term objectives are differentiated in specific time measures and deadlines and milestones serve as the basis for evaluation of progress for short-term review cycles.  Such as, every 90 days.

The bottom-line: Developing goals is a way to take SMART consistent action on a daily basis and help you fulfill on what you truly want in life.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” ~Tony Robbins

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