Speaking Topics

The Leaders Toolkit™: 7 Essential Strategies to Advance in Your Career, Your Business and Your Life

Today’s smart leaders focus on consistently honing their communication and leadership skills.  But, that’s not all it takes if you want to advance quickly in your career. It literally takes embracing a new model of leadership that allows you to be seen, be heard and be experienced as an influential and indispensable leader.

In this interactive talk, you’ll learn the 7 Essential Strategies of The Leaders Toolkit™ that show you how to advance smarter, faster and with a lot less effort. This talk is essential for you if you’re a new or emerging leader and it’s equally important for the advanced leader who’s on the fast track and wants to take your career to the next level.

“Pat E. Perkins exceeded our expectations as a workshop and retreat facilitator. She handled the entire process and really showcased her meticulous preparation with very short notice. Her delivery was energetic and engaging with an approachable and professional demeanor. Our group experienced team building and clear goal setting allowing us to leave with a plan of action. We’ve never experienced so much unsolicited positive feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her back or recommend her to others!”

~ Hannah Brown, President – National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Las Vegas

“Pat E. Perkins provided an outstanding professional development webinar for our Corporate Chapter Monthly Meeting. Not only did Pat lead a thought provoking informative session titled, “Will Your Personal Brand Get You to the Next Level?”, she did so virtually from across the country! She delivered a dynamic, interactive session to our broad audience and it’s still remembered as one of our best! I’m very fortunate to be connected with a top caliber, consummate professional such as Pat!”

~ Sheila Marionneaux, BDPA Corporate Chapter President

Maximize Your Conference™: A step-by-step process to turn contacts into contracts and ideas into income.

Leadership Expert, Pat E. Perkins, provides a step-by-step approach to create a return on investment for your conference participation. You’ll learn how to implement the information gained from conferences and events you attend. Pat also provides processes to help you develop and grow your professional network. You will not only enhance your confidence, communication and networking skills through preparedness, but you’ll gain the ability to prove to your management that it was time and money well invested. You will understand the benefits obtained from any event you attend in the future and will be able to share those benefits with others.

“Pat is an amazing business woman and coach. I had the opportunity to experience her “Maximize Your Conference” program in preparation for a conference I attended in July. She has an impressive structure and highly engaging speaking style. I learned many strategies to go in with an action plan, and left with goals to ensure I made the most out of my investment. In 16 years of my career I’ve worked with several companies active in trade shows and conferences. I’ve never seen preparation of the caliber Pat provides. I can’t even begin to express the amount of financial savings, additional pipeline and accelerated ROI any corporation will achieve by experiencing Pat’s “Maximize Your Conference” program. I highly recommend her program to anyone whether they attend one event a year or several.”

~ Sue Koch, CPC – Chief Navigator of Soaring Solutions, LLC

“Pat E. Perkins knows her stuff. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about networking, goal setting and how to attend any event and walk away with not just an inspired feeling, but tangible results. Maximize Your Conference™ is filled with strategies and clear actions to develop a plan before you attend a conference, intentional focus and fulfillment during the conference and the capacity to implement what you learned after you return. It made a difference for my conference attendees and it will make a difference for yours as well.”

~ Doreen Rainey – Host, The Get RADICAL Woman’s Conference

PEP Talk: 3 Keys to Live on Purpose, Empowered and Prosperous

“Pat Perkins was the right speaker with the right message for our 2011 Annual Summit. We wanted a speaker with leadership expertise and a focus on professional accountability. And, our organization received so much more. I found Pat’s presentation to be both informative and inspirational, one which created interaction and compelling thought. She had our leaders working together in teams and was also able to address their individual questions in an empowering way. Pat brought her personality and personal stories into her delivery which created a relatedness that was totally appealing. Everyone left uplifted and provided positive feedback.”

~ John Kendall, ESQ. – 100 Black Men of Chicago

“I have seen and heard Pat Perkins in many speaking venues. She’s personable and professional. Two wonderful attributes! Recently, I enjoyed seeing her connect effectively with our audience and she was able to do this effortlessly. As a speaker, I would highly recommend Pat Perkins.”

~ Janice Lewis, eWomenNetwork member